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Cloudhouses T & C's

Cloudhouses Ltd home of yurts and squrts: Terms & Conditions for the Supply of Accommodation for festival and event hire.

Terms and conditions are subject to change.
Please be aware that we generally do not supply festival tickets. You’re booking with Cloudhouses home of  yurts and squrts does not include festival tickets. Occasionally we offer vip tickets these are clearly an add on to any accommodation options we have. Customers can buy this product on the festivals web-shop.
Please ensure that all guests have the appropriate weekend camping festival passes prior to booking your accommodation.
For some events we have a surcharge per head this is due to increasing facilities costs. All packages clearly state the number of occupants included in any package we offer however, the mattresses are an addition to your booking. Please add your number of guests upon booking and choose the number of mattresses for each guest.
Exemptions to the above:
Where Festival promoters have block booked our accommodation and offer packages of tickets to include our accommodation.
Where we clearly have to purchase a vip ticket with your accommodation.
All prices subject to change without notice.

When booking with us all of our prices are £ sterling. If you are paying from a country who uses € for currency you will be charged at the exchange rate valid on the day you booked. However if you have opted for a payment plan then each instalment will be charged at the exchange rate of the day you booked, on the date each instalment is taken.
If you book via our website and choose the payment plan this will be taken on or around the date you have chosen automatically. If for what ever reason the payment did not come out on the date you have chosen, a member of staff from our office will take this on the next working day and further payment will continue as normal. To make a booking via our office staff Justine or Ana and you choose to pay for your structure in instalments, this payment will be taken on the date that you have chosen. If this date happens to fall on a weekend this payment will be taken on the next working day.

Failed Payments
If you have chosen to pay in instalments and your payment has been declined we will try to take this again the next working day, if this continues to fail we will contact you via email, then via the telephone and if failed communications are made to provide us with new bank details if we require these or to inform us of a reason to why this has been declined we will contact you via letter. If payment is not received satisfying this condition and you have not contacted us, your reservation is liable to be cancelled and your deposit paid will not be refunded.
FOR GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A HOSPITALITY  TICKET FOR THE FESTIVAL. STANDARD TICKETS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE for the Hospitality area. You will not be granted access to the hospitality area without a hospitality ticket.

Property of Cloudhouses
All equipment hired and inside the yurt or structure you are staying in remains the property of Cloudhouses home of yurts and squrts.

Damages deposits
For all bookings and future bookings we have a new deposit scheme in place:
Unfortunately due to the misuse of our stock over the 2015 season which we can no longer use, we have had no choice but to put a deposit and damages scheme in place for 2016 and beyond.
When you make a booking with us we will ask for a deposit of £50 for Squrts, Cloudhouses, Bell tents and unfurnished 12ft yurts, and £100 for any larger structures.
This will be automatically added to your shopping basket when you book with us and when you make a telephone order.
The deposit can be split over your instalment plan and is fully refundable into the bank account you paid for your structure with within 72hours of the festival ending. If no damage or loss had been made.
If Cloudhouses are unable to refund your card for any reason ie it has expired, been lost or stolen. It is the customers responsibility to contact Cloudhouses office 01434 688866 to give bank details so a refund can be made. Cloudhouses will not chase you for new details.
Cloudhouses have the right to the retention of any damage deposit that has been unclaimed within 6 months of the festival ending.
You will find on each Festival page the itemised damages scheme, this is due to a large quantity of brand new Egyptian cotton linen and towels which are un-salvageable which cannot be used again.
Should we feel that the property, linen or yurt has been damaged to a point where it is no longer usable, we will automatically retain the cost of that particular item from your deposit and email you to explain the deduction made from your deposit refund. All deductions are inclusive of VAT @ 20%

We will take a damages deposit when you make your order this will be refunded in full within 72 hours of the festival closing if no loss of our property or damage has occurred.
If any damage occurs during the event especially if damage was made by a third party YOU  MUST inform a member of our staff who can then assess the damage and agree there and then whether the damages deposit will be withheld from you. Otherwise you will be liable for the damage.
Due to the sheer volume of brand new bed linen and towels being soiled to a point that we cannot remove the stains we will automatically withhold the following sum from your deposit see the list below of chargeable items.
Damage to canvas cover or framework including unnecessary soiling of canvas covers.
Damage or theft of furnishings.
Large amounts of rubbish and large spillages being left on carpets, rugs, furnishings or canvas of structures. Bin bags are always provided and our staff are always available to help with spillages or accidents.
Smoking inside your accommodation (by law you are not permitted to smoke in rented spaces). Smoking in structures means extra cleaning for our staff.

Single duvet cover £12
Single fitted sheet £7.50
Double duvet cover £16
Double fitted sheet £11
Pillow cases £4 each
Small towel £4
Large towel £8
Mirror £20
Robens Rechargeable Lights £20.00

At all events with the exception of Belladrum the showers and toilets are provided by the festival organisers directly. We always recommend to each event the number of showers and toilets we need.
Cloudhouses cannot accept responsibility for showers and toilets although we will report any complaints or issues to the festival when necessary. We take any comments and feedback about festival facilities very seriously and always report any issues that guests have directly to the festival management teams, therefore all complaints must be made on site for us to be able to deal with them for you.
Services and access passes are provided on anticipated numbers staying within our area.
Our recommended numbers for each structure are  2 people per squrt 2 per Cloudhouse, 3 to 4 per 12 foot yurt, up to 4 per 14 foot yurt, up to 5 per 16 foot yurt and 7 per 18 foot yurt and up to 9 in a 20 foot yurt. Bell tents we recommend up to 4 sharing. We recommend staying within these numbers unless you are confident that you can fit into the space. We request that you inform us if larger numbers than recommended are staying.

Our accommodation will be available at the same time as the main campsite opening times for any event.
All accommodation must be paid in full at least one month before the event.

We will refund in full minus 15% for administrative costs up to two weeks before any event.
Cancellations less than two weeks before any event will receive 50% refund unless we can re sell your accommodation.
If you cancel when we are on site and your accommodation is already on site and built then we will offer no refund.
In the event of the event/Festival being cancelled by no fault of our own the above cancellation policy will remain in place.

Personal Property
Cloudhouses home of yurts and squrts are not responsible for any one’s personal property: although many of our structures are more secure than tents and we generally have 24/7 security please keep all valuables with you at all times.When using our complimentary phone charging facilities we advise you to stay with your phone during the time it takes to charge. Cloudhouses home of yurts and squrts do not take responsibility for the loss or theft of any charging devices.

A key/s will be provided on a lanyard for all yurts and squrts upon check in. These must be returned when you check out. If you lose a key a fee of £20 cash will be automatically taken from the damage deposit that you have paid with us . Please do no remove the key fob from the key as this makes it impossible for us to locate its door £20 will be charged if you remove this and cannot replace it. However feel free to keep your lanyard as a memento.

Checking in and checking out
Cloudhouses reception will be open until all guests check in. Our standard opening hours will be emailed with your final booking confirmation.
Out of hours check in: If you are going to be arriving very early in the morning or late at night please let us know in advance so that we can be ready to check you in when you arrive!
Out of hours check out:Although we endeavour to check guests in and out personally if you are leaving site out of hours please leave your key in our drop box. Please let us know if you intend to arrive late or intend to leave early so that we can look after your needs to the best of our ability.

Weekend/showday reception and beauty parlour opening hours:
Our weekend/show day reception hours will be emailed with your final booking confirmation.
Out of hours there will always be a query sheet at reception for you to fill in so that any non urgent queries will be dealt with at the beginning of the next reception shift.
Urgent queries our of hours please call the number on the blackboard. If you cannot get through please text the number as often mobile telephone signals can be intermittent on festival sites.
Our beauty parlour and charging area is a complimentary service. For 2016 we are introducing a code system so our guests can access the beauty parlour whenever they wish to. We expect all guests to turn off appliances and to close the door when they leave. If we find this system is abused in any way or our guests allow other glampers without Cloudhouse wristbands access we do reserve the right to retract this privilege at any time without prior notification and we will revert the opening hours to the opening times of our reception.

If you have any grievances about our accommodation, our staff or our services you must report these whilst on site during the event so that we can rectify any issues there and then.
All problems or complaints must be discussed on site not after the event.
If you feel that your issue is not dealt with in a satisfactory manner by our general crew then please ask for the Cloudhouses on site supervisor or manager who will do their best to rectify any issues to ensure you have a happy and comfortable stay.
If you have any issues with other guests or your neighbours please report this to our reception so that we can discreetly resolve any problems for you.

Waterproof structures
Our yurts are waterproof in 98% of situations, however in extreme weather conditions there has been the occasional small leak which is due to side ways wind or brand new canvasses weathering in.
All of our structures are hand made with natural materials and natural fabrics they are nomadic structures and can be an elemental experience. We cannot guarantee that they will be 100% waterproof at all times but we rarely experience any problems with leaking structures.
Do bear in mind that when the weather is hot during the day and cold at night that there will be condensation in your structure this can cause some drips from the star cover and the walls. This is not a leak it is simply condensation. We advise that you do not have your clothing or bedding touching the canvas walls as moisture will soak through the walls and wet your belongings.
In extremely wet conditions when the water table rises rapidly you may experience some water coming in through the door or window area this is a rare occurrence but please be aware that we cannot be responsible for such occurrences.
N.B Cloudhouses will not accept any complaints reported after the event.
In the event of Cloudhouses cancelling an event due to insufficient bookings.
All guests will be refunded in full
All guests will be informed with plenty of time to arrange alternative accommodation arrangements.

Other bits and pieces
You agree to treat our staff, other users of our services and equipment and other individuals at an event with respect at all times. Should you fail to do so or display any abusive, disrespectful or anti-social behaviour of any kind we reserve the right to refuse to provide any services or equipment to you and any refund will be at our absolute discretion. In the event of non compliance site eviction may be implemented.
We Cloudhouses home of yurts and squrts will not be held responsible for the actions of any individuals attending an event nor if those actions affect your enjoyment of the event or services provided. This applies whether or not those individuals are using our services or equipment. However we want you to have an amazing stay so please let our staff know if you have a problem or if any of our ‘other’ guests are becoming a nuisance as we will do our best to ensure that your fellow glamper’s are respectful of their neighbours.
Our total liability including the liability of our agents, subcontractors and employees in respect of any Services or Equipment provided to you will (except in relation to personal injury or death caused by our negligence or the negligence of our employees or agents) be limited to the amount paid for your booking.
Description of items booked. Cloudhouses will endeavour to fully describe and deliver to the best of their ability the items advertised and show in photographic galleries with variations on colour of furnishings. However if we feel we have found a more appropriate solution for your storage and furnishing needs, we hold within our rights to utilise these new items without prior notification to guests.

Clients are expected to take out their own insurance against such possibilities.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions you are also agreeing that any images taken during an event may be used for Cloudhouses promotional purposes only.

Event Cancelation:
If an event is cancelled or postponed for any reason we will email all guests to inform them that they can roll over their booking or cancel it. We reserve the right to put a time scale window in place for refunds. We will refund for one month from the date of event curtailment. After this time your booking will automatically be rolled over to next year.

What our customers say

“Just a quick note to say thank you to you and your team for making our 5th Cornbury visit yet another stunning weekend. The new beauty bar was a fab addition, the yurt was just amazing (and by far the best glamping accommodation at Cornbury in my opinion) and the team on site were as friendly and helpful as always. Thanks again and we look forward to staying with you in 2016 for our 6th year!”

DonnaCornbury 2015