Our yurts

‚ÄčOur festival yurts range from 9 feet to 20 feet in diameter with head clearance of a minimum of 7 feet in the centre they come with a fully fitted watertight groundsheet as standard.

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Yurts are nomadic structures originating from central Asia where they have been used for thousands of years. Their elegant yet simple design has evolved over the centuries and has become perfectly suited to a harsh climate and demanding way of life. The yurt is still very much in use today. The yurt is becoming increasingly popular in western culture as a low energy, affordable alternative to modern housing and buildings.

Yurts are easy to insulate and very cheap to heat and can even be placed on raised timber floors, which makes yurts truly luxurious spaces to be in. Yurts are extremely versatile structures and suit a variety of modern day uses from dwelling place to office to mobile cafe and of course yurts make perfect festival and event accommodation.

Our cosy furnished festival options vary from structure to structure.

  • Our squrts are simply baby yurts especially for two people to share. Our squrts have a diameter of 9 feet with almost 6 feet head clearence in the centre. We have our blue and white squrts and we have our slightly taller green and white squrts too. All of our squrts now have lockable wooden doors and a heavy duty fitted groundsheet as standard. Our furnished squrts come with fitted carpet, cosy Spanish rugs, a cute Indian table, battery operated fairy lights and a double or twin airbed with cosy bedding and crisp fresh bed linen.
  • 12 foot diameter yurts have 3.5¬† foot high cute locking doors, when furnished we cover the floor with rugs, fluffy sheepskins, co-ordinating cushions, a hardwood Indian table fairy lights and led light. Our furnishing packages offer you the choice or air beds with bedding or memory foam mattresses with bedding too. When ordering beds we advise that 3 singles or one double and 2 singles should be the maximum ordered, however if you want to bring your own shake down beds then these yurts can comfortably accommodate 4 adults.

Our new 14 foot yurts are something else!!

These luxury boutique yurts boast a 14ft diameter circle of space for the truly ultimate “Glamping” experience. This yurt contains all the comforts you need for an enhanced festival experience, and can be adapted to suit your needs. The space is ambient, with over 8ft of head clearance. The yurt has a large wooden framed window and a 5ft high double locking door. A low voltage 13A electric supply is run to your yurt perfect to charge your mobile phones and camera’s, etc.
As standard this yurt comes furnished with a memory foam double mattress (10cm deep) and wooden bed frame. Egyptian cotton linen and towels, 4 pillows, bedside tables, 2 hanging storage units, mirror, curtains, spot lights and fairy lights. All luxury yurts also come with carpet and sheep skins for that authentic yurt feel.
This yurt is perfect for couples, family and friend shares. We can add single beds to your package if required which can be memory foam mattresses or air beds at extra cost. (you cannot add more than 2 additional single mattresses).

Our 18 foot yurts are perfect for groups of up to 7 people. With 5 foot high double locking doors and large wooden framed window.

The Luxury 18 foot option comes with fitted carpet wooden double wooden framed bed, lovely cotton bed linen, duvet and pillows, 2 Indian rosewood bedside tables, lined curtains, 4 x sheepskins, hanging storage, bed side lighting, 13 A sockets, fairy lights, vanity mirror and towels for two.
You can add up to 4 singles memory foam mattresses on the floor too.

We have a basic 18 foot yurt options too!!

New huge 20 foot diameter yurts with large wooden framed window and lovely secure locking double doors for larger groups of up to 9 people

With fitted groundsheet, fitted carpet and curtains as standard. From our accommodation options you can add mattresses with bedding to sleep up to 9 adults and even add a luxury package too.

What our customers say

A HUGE thank you for the wonderful 12 foot Yurt, please reserve us one for next year, we loved the extra space.

RamusGlastonbury Festival