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The Cloudhouses team dedicated to making your stay with us a wonderful one

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May we introduce our team to you!!

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  • Justine Jameson Managing Director:
    Your original first port of call before Jenny arrived, until her departure in 2017 with Ana now firmly in her boots. Justine also creates new packages for you as well as sewing canvasses furiously and generally running the show.
  • Simon Jameson Creative Director:
    The master behind the designs, pattern maker, chief textile manager and ideas man who works on all things logistical too.
  • Ana Lloyd PA to Justine:
    Our newest team member, Ana is your first port of call for any enquiries. Ana is always here to help you and guide you through our services, accommodation and your booking process. She is a bubbly, confident team member who will always do her best to ensure she meets your needs with a smile.
  • Dan Jupp:
    Dan has returned to the Cloudhouses team after taking some time out, we always knew he wouldn’t stay away! He is our summer trainee on site manager and winter canvas manufacturing trainee . Dan will turn his hand to anything. He is veteran of the festival scene, and now with his articulated lorry licence he is always up for a road trip!
  • Arthur Thompson:
    Arthur is in charge of the wood workshop making everything from roof poles up to handmade furniture. He also heads away on the road with us when needed as a general worker as well as 26t lorry driver.

Our Summer on site crew are hand picked to ensure we have a hardworking, dedicated, attentive team. We encourage the best of our team each season to return each summer to look after our guests and to ensure all of our accommodation is presented to the highest possible standard for you our guests.



From the bespoke design and production of our yurts and squrts using environmentally friendly materials and hand craftsmanship to the delivery of our unique brand of hospitality the team at Cloudhouses is a united effort to go the extra mile and delight our guests.

What our customers say

Having  yurt in the back garden over Christmas has been incredible, it made the festivities so much more special. We even opened up all the presents sat around the fire! The beds were amazingly comfortable and the whole design was beautiful yet practical. Warm, cosy, spacious and one of a kind. Thank you for making our Christmas an unforgettable experience.

Dec 2015

Emma BristolPrivate hire