Cloudhouses Sustainability

Cloudhouses home of Yurts and Squrts take our sustainability very seriously

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Unlike most companies in our industry Cloudhouses home of yurts and squrts take pride in the fact that our canvas and woodwork is made in house by our small but dedicated team who ensure that our highest standards of manufacture is maintained.

We see so much waste at festivals these days the general camping fields often look like tent graveyards after a festival. In our fields we leave no trace. We encourage recycling on site especially within our crew area we even dig compost holes when allowed, to dispose of our crew food waste in a sustainable manner.

Due to the lack of sustainability of air beds, the waste they generate and to add to the comfort of our guests we are now offering our custom made reflex foam mattresses in our squrts and 12 foot yurts for 2016 onwards at many festivals. By 2017 we will no longer use airbeds to reduce the waste that cloudhoues generate.

Cloudhosues home of yurts and squrts obtain our wood from well managed local sources using a combination of soft and hard woods.

We use local suppliers wherever possible for our raw materials.

We recycle as much of our waste as we possibly can, wood waste becomes fuel for our steam bender and our fire at home. Wood chips and sawdust heat the woodworkshop which in turn keeps our workers toasty and dries our wood beautifully.

We believe in supporting cottage industries too: many of our rugs come from small villages in Andalucia Spain, where we support an age old tradition of weaving using recycled materials.

Our sheepskins come from a small family company in Devon and our wooden tent pegs come from a little firm who have made cleft pegs for hundreds of years.

Our staff are mostly local people who we train in house who believe in the cloudhouse culture and work to serve you all in the best possible manner.

We design our strucutres so that we have the minimum carbon footprint whilst travelling from event to event fitting in excess of 50 stuctures on one 26 tonne lorry.

What our customers say

Just wanted to thank you again for a lovely set up at Rewind.  I would like to book the same blue 18 foot yurt for next year please.

Kind regards


TraceyRewind South Henley 2015