Green ethos

We like to keep things green here at Cloudhouses!

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Green ethos

From the bespoke design and production of our yurts and squrts using environmentally friendly materials and hand craftsmanship to the delivery of our unique brand of hospitality the team at Cloudhouses is a united effort to go the extra mile and delight our guests.

From the design, production, assembly and attention to detail in our level of service the Cloudhouses team take pride in our stylish accommodation, we strive to be the best and stay ahead of the rest.

We at Cloudhouses share responsibility, treat each other with mutual respect and trust and we have a good time doing it.

We take pride in our products, their immaculate delivery and our customers always come first. We take our customer service very seriously aiming for happy guests 100% of the time.

Our staff are mostly local people who we train in house who believe in the cloudhouse culture and work to serve you all in the best possible manner.

We at Cloudhouses believe in local and ethical employment, we like to train our staff in house and help them to develop new skills and self confidence. We do not believe in cheap foreign labor, we like to keep our products locally produced in house and real. Our local summer staff often gain new skills out of season and assist us with the manufacture of our structures and their furnishings. Thus giving young often unskilled workers new skills and highlighting often hidden talents and abilities.

What our customers say

Just a quick note to say to thanks once again for a fab weekend in your super duper 18ft yurt.
As usual the whole team were so helpful and friendly, the showers were better than my shower at home
and a great weekend was had by all. We will definitely be wanting to book an 18’ yurt again next year so if you could put my name down or let me know when I should contact you that would be great.

RachelRewind South Henley