We at Cloudhouses home of yruts and squrts take sustainability very seriously!

We see so much waste at festivals these days the general camping fields often look like tent graveyards after a festival. In our field we leave no trace.

We obtain our  wood from well manged sources using a combination of soft and hard woods. We use local suppliers wherever possible for our raw materials.

We recycle as much of our waste products as we possibly can, wood waste becomes fuel for our steam bender and our fire at home. Woodchips are donated to our local stables for animal bedding
Wood dust becomes absorbent bedding for local chickens.

We believe in supporting cottage industries too:many of our rugs come from small villages in Andalucia Spain, where we support an age old tradition of weaving using recycled materials.

Our sheepskins come from a small family company in devon and our wooden tent pegs come from a little firm who have made cleft pegs for hundreds of years.



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